Monarflex are one of the international leaders in site covering, project containment, and weather protection systems, and Top Fix are proud to be the exclusive agents for the entire Monarflex range in South Africa.

With an extensive range of sheeting, membranes, reinforcements, enclosures and accessories, Monarflex products help to ensure that scaffold projects are enclosed and safe, with several additional benefits to all parties involved:

  • Enhances the security for the workers on the scaffold
  • Serves as a climate shield to protect workers, machinery and open constructions against virtually all weather conditions including rain, wind, and snow
  • Ensures a stable working environment on the scaffold so that deadlines can be met
  • Protects the surrounding area from collateral damages and inconveniences, including particles and building dust from sandblasting and water jetting from façade works.

One of the most popular products under our portfolio of scaffolding solutions is Monarflex Scaffold Sheeting. A multipurpose, reinforced plastic sheeting that covers scaffolding and protects personnel working in and around the project area. Utilising a unique eyelet fixing system that provides a strong, tight and durable fixing to the scaffold, the eyelets are placed in patterns on the sheet to fit most standard scaffold systems.

The technical properties of the Monarflex eyelets are by far superior to any banded product, and all Monarflex products are available in a FlameSafe version.