Due to the multifaceted and complex nature of the petrochemical and power generating industries, the transfer of hot and cold energy needs to be regulated throughout the manufacturing process. Insulation management is used to preserve and maintain energy throughout the system, as most processes and systems have very specific requirements that need to be maintained across the entire production line.

Thermal insulation includes both hot and cold insulation, and ensures that the specific temperate range is maintained, while acoustic insulation minimises the transfer of noise and sound energy. It is also important to prevent under-insulation-corrosion, which would otherwise have a devastating effect on the overall integrity of the insulation system.

Top Fix have 2 dedicated insulation cladding workshops in Sasolburg and Secunda, with a specialist workforce including over 400 highly skilled sheet metal applicators, laggers, developers, estimators, and Quality Control staff. Our insulation team is highly specialised and manages the entire insulation process from design and calculation to manufacturing and application. We are able to manufacture and develop large quantities of cladding material for our customers on an ongoing basis, with an average output of 3 500m², and capacity of up to 8 500m² cladding material per month.