We are the leading manufacturer of Polyethylene reinforced and non-reinforced sheeting and membranes, used in site covering, project containment, and weather protection systems.


Monarflex enhances the security for workers on the scaffold.

Serves as a climate shield to protects workers, machinery and open constructions against rain, wind, snow etc.

Ensures a stable working climate on the scaffold so deadlines can be respected regardless of the weather.

Monarflex protects the surrounding areas from flying particles, dust, sparks, water spray and debris resulting from activities like sandblasting, water jetting, welding and grinding.


All our eyelet products are available in a Flamesafe version. With the addition of a flame-retardant additive to the blown film, it prevents the fire from spreading by self-extinction of the flames.

Monarflex Flamesafe products are certified Flamesafe per international standards

American NFPA 701
British Loss Prevention Certification Board LPS 1207 and LPS 1215
German DIN 4102-1
European EN 13501-1 and A1:2010


Experienced Monarflex installation crews are available at short notice for the installation of sheeting. We can alternatively train any qualified and experienced scaffold erecting crews already sub-contracted to the Client to install Monarflex safely and correctly. And with Monarflex size actually doesn’t matter, because it can be applied to any manmade structure irrespective of its size


Monarflex is certified to the highest international standards.

2002 the Quality Management System at Monarflex has been certified per ISO 9001. Today, Monarflex is certified per version 2008.

Monarflex is on the leading edge when it comes to adhering to standards and norms. CE marking of vapour barriers was initiated as per 1st of September 2006, wind barriers followed October 2006 and Roofing Underlays were CE marked January 2007.

Monarflex is registered as an environmental company and undertakes to integrate environmental consideration into all activities that could have direct or indirect environmental impact.


We cherish our employees and leave no stone unturned in our efforts to ensure a healthy, safe, and secure workplace. We have an open mind to constructive suggestions from our employees and work hand in hand to cultivate a meaningful participatory safety culture.

MSDS & Health and safety data sheets are available for all materials.


  • Icoscaff
  • Icoscaff, ScaffBand
  • Light, Stripe, Super Light, TRC
  • Super T Plus, Kederflex

We are proud of our superior product range and the certifications we have achieved. The advantages of Monarflex are proven. The risks associated with the utilisation of truck sails, tarpaulins and uncertified plastic sheets in this specialised application is well known.

In the modern construction environment Monarflex is not a ‘’nice-to-have’’. It is a must have.

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